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Leveling Mounts
Level-It® Leveling Mounts
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Steel - Inch
Steel - Metric
Delrin® - Inch
Delrin® - Metric
Non-Swivel - Inch
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Introducing the ACME Threaded Leveling Mounts

Level-It® Leveling Mounts

Level-It® Leveling Mounts Manufactured in a variety of configurations, materials and finishes, Level-It™ mounts are suitable for thousands of light, medium, and heavy-duty applications. They are available in stud or tapped versions with steel, stainless steel or FDA-friendly Delrin® bases. Our standard mounts swivel 15° in all directions to give users optimum performance on uneven surfaces. One-piece studs are threaded from solid hex stock and then case-hardened for maximum strength and durability.

For applications requiring a non-swivel base, the C-series mounts have the same configurations as our standard Level-It™ but are machined from a single piece of solid stock.

Also available is S&W's exclusive Socket Lock technology that locks the stud into the socket of the base to prevent pullout under extreme conditions.


  • Low carbon steel with yellow zinc plating or 303 stainless steel
  • One-piece machined stud
  • Inch and metric sizes
  • Mounts with studs furnished with jam nut
  • Customize any base or stud

Standard Options

  • Clear zinc, nickel plating or black oxide finish
  • Non-skid elastomer pad
  • Delrin® base
  • Lag hole
  • Socket Lock

Our most popular leveler, Level-It™ has a steel or Delrin® base and a machined one-piece steel stud. The steel base and stud are available in steel with gold or clear zinc plating, in black oxide or in stainless steel.



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