Type XH Stainless Steel Hygienic USDA & 3A Approve Model Fixed

The XH machine foot is marked with the 3A and EHEDG logo indicating that it is certified according to the 3A hygienic standard: “88-00” and certified according to the EHEDG hygienic standard TYPE EL – CLASS 1. The patented XH leveling foot is 100% hygienically sealed around all moveable parts even if the load on the foot is removed. The Type XH is approved for machinery and equipment in the dairy, brewery and pharmaceutical industries as well as applications with the highest demand for hygiene and sanitary standards. The design of the XH system reduces the cleaning effort to an absolute minimum as the sleeve covers the thread and also functions as a locking nut. The machine foot admits slopes up to 10° of floors and equipment. The XH Fixed Model has an extended lag hole that can be fixed to the floor. The embedded fixing plate enables the foot to absorb vibrations. Instructions of mounting/cleaning, the 3A and EHEDG certificate are sent together with the shipment.

  • Dimensions in inches

Part # Thread (A) Base Dia. (B) Thread Length (C) Total Height (D) Max. Height (E) Min. Height (F) Adjustment Max Load (lbs) Max Pull (lbs) Slope (Degrees)
SW-XH081-58-59 5/8-11 3.15 5.9 7.21 5.72 4.3 1.41 3300 900 10
SW-XH081-75-59 3/4-10 3.15 5.9 7.21 5.72 4.3 1.41 3200 900 10
SW-XH081-58-83 5/8-11 3.15 8.3 9.57 8.08 5.48 2.59 3300 900 10
SW-XH081-75-83 3/4-10 3.15 8.3 9.57 8.08 5.48 2.59 3300 900 10