PolyMount™ Leveling Mounts

Patent# US 6,742,750 B2

PolyMounts™ are economical leveling mounts for light, medium, and heavy-duty applications. The sleek design is suitable for everything from production machinery, conveyors and electronic equipment to retail displays and expensive office furniture.

The one-piece ball with stud swivels 15° in all directions and is forged and roll-threaded for maximum strength and durability. Standard stud materials are clear zinc plated steel and stainless steel. For applications where a stud is already in place, a one-piece tapped ball version is available.

The molded base is corrosion resistant glass-reinforced nylon and has pop-out lag holes for securing the mounts to the floor. Diameters range from 1.5″ to 5″ and capacities are as high as 10,000 pounds. For anti-skid applications and light-duty vibration control, PolyMounts™ are available with an elastomer pad.

For especially harsh applications our exclusive SocketLock™ technology will lock the stud in place, preventing pullout.


  • Glass-reinforced nylon base
  • Studs of either low carbon steel with clear zinc plating or 303 stainless steel
  • One-piece forged and roll-threaded stud or
  • One-piece tapped ball
  • Pop-out lag holes
  • Inch and metric sizes
  • Mounts with studs furnished with jam nut
  • Patent Pending

Standard Options

  • Non-skid elastomer pad
  • SocketLock™

Product Types