SnapLock™ Leveling Mounts

The patented SnapLock™ feature on our Level-It™ leveler locks the anti-skid elastomer pad onto the base, making it a much more stable assembly than the traditional glued-on rubber pad. This feature is especially important for equipment that is frequently moved since the pad will not peel off if the leveler is dragged across the floor. This design is available on all Level-It™ styles with a metal base, from 1″ through 3″ base diameters, including the non-swivel Level-It™ mounts.


  • Low carbon steel with yellow zinc plating or 303 stainless steel
  • One-piece machined stud
  • Non-skid elastomer pad
  • Inch and metric sizes
  • Mounts with studs furnished with jam nut
  • Patent # 6520459

Standard Options

  • Clear zinc, nickel plating or black oxide finish

Product Types