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Introducing the ACME Threaded Leveling Mounts
Leveling Mounts Introducing the ACME Threaded Leveling Mounts

Level-It® Leveling Mounts Level-It® Leveling Mounts
Our most popular leveler, Level-It® has a steel or Delrin® base and a forged, case-hardened steel stud. The steel base and stud are available in tool steel with gold, clear or black zinc plating or in stainless steel.
SnapLock™ Leveling Mounts SnapLock™ Leveling Mounts
This leveler shares the same design as our Level-It®, but has a snap-on elastomer pad that is locked in place. Used mainly for anti-skid applications, this design is more stable than glued-on anti-skid pads.
PolyMount™ Leveling Mounts PolyMount™ Leveling Mounts
This mount has a molded nylon base that is durable and corrosion resistant. The stud is available in either clear zinc plated steel or stainless steel.
Teardrop PolyMount™ Leveling Mounts Teardrop PolyMount™ Leveling Mounts
The teardrop shaped base positions the single lag hole to the outside of the machine footprint so that there is plenty of clearance for drilling the lag hole. Install the lag bolt to finish the job. A real time and money saver!
Low Profile Leveling Mounts Low Profile Leveling Mounts
The low profile of this leveler makes it suitable for applications that have little clearance at floor level. Available in steel or stainless steel with an optional medium or heavy-duty vibration pad.
Anti-Vibe® Vibration Control Mounts Anti-Vibe® Vibration Control Mounts
Similar in design to our Level-It® leveler, but with a thick anti-vibration pad in the base. Reduces transmitted vibration by up to 98%.
Mighty Mount™ Leveling Mounts Mighty Mount™ Leveling Mounts
An ideal mount for heavy machinery, the Mighty Mount™ has a one inch thick rubber pad which isolates shock and vibration.
Glide-Rite™ Leveling Mounts Glide-Rite™ Leveling Mounts
Glide-Rite™ Industrial Glides are an economic leveler, suitable for such light duty applications as office furniture, cabinetry, shelving, point of purchase displays and small machines.
Willi Glide Leveling Mounts Willi Glide Leveling Mounts
These economical glides are designed for light duty applications. Common used on office partitions, shelving, exercise equipment, point of purchase (POP) displays and smaller machines.
Hex Leveling Mounts Hex Leveling Mounts
These low cost leveler bolts are ideal for light duty, industrial applications where cost is a primary concern. Available with a non-marring cap end or non-skid dipped base.
Pool Table  Leveling Mounts Pool Table Leveling Mounts
OEM and replacement leveler for pool tables, video games and other amusement machines that require a broad, stable leveling base.
Rattle Mounts Rattle Mounts
These low cost levelers are used for light-duty applications such as home gaming and vending machines. They have an optional slot on top for adjustments.
Vibration Dampening Pads Vibration Dampening Pads
Vibration dampening pads also known as DIM pads, supply a non-skid grip between machinery feet and the surface. They dampen vibration and absorb shock without marring the surface.
Threaded Tube Ends Threaded Tube Ends
The easy and cost-effective way to attach mounts and glides to the tubes and pipes used in machinery frames and conveyors.



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